Staff Spotlight – Tucker Herzberg

Tucker Herzberg

Joined Lead ‘Em Up September 2015

Position: Social Media Coordinator

Tucker joined Lead ‘Em Up almost two years ago and coordinates all social media initiatives. With his passion for coaching and working with athletes, he has been a valuable addition to our team.

Outside of his work with Lead ‘Em Up Tucker is a sports performance and fitness coach for athletes and adults in the Bethesda/DC area, as well as his part-time role at the MedStar Lafayette performance center in DC.

Here’s 23 things about Tucker:

  1. I recently completed a 2 year internship with Maryland basketball as a sports performance intern helping with all aspects of strength and conditioning, nutrition, recovery, and player monitoring.
  2. I grew up in Northwest Iowa always living in towns with less than 5,000 people.
  3. My parents and siblings are all in Iowa, with other family living in Montana, Kansas, and Arizona.
  4. I have a fear of heights but think I want to go skydiving.
  5. I love going to Nationals baseball games, great restaurants, golfing, and taking a yearly road trip with my sister Cloie.
  6. I played one year of football at a junior college in Iowa as a quarterback. Growing up I played basketball, baseball, football, and ran track. 
  7. I spent my second and third years of college in Minnesota at Southwest Minnesota State University, and finished my Exercise Science degree online while doing my internship with the Maryland basketball teams.
  8. I am also the social media coordinator and producer for the the Hardwood Hustle basketball podcast.
  9. I have lived in 10 different towns/cities with probably many more to come.
  10. My dad is my biggest personal inspiration, and I have the most amazing mom you could ask for.
  11. I was baptized as a senior in high school at Twin Lakes.
  12. My siblings include twin sisters – Gabbie a talented artist and Sophie an incredible chef, Cloie, Ellie who is an amazing athlete and one of the nicest people I know, and Spencer, a software engineer, great role model and my personal nemesis.
  13. The Office, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, and House of Cards are my favorite shows.
  14. As a baby I could walk before I crawled.
  15. My college roommate and I once bought last minute tickets to a Cowboys vs Chiefs game at 9pm on a Saturday night for a 1pm Sunday kickoff (we drove all night – 7hrs) and had front row seats in Arrowhead Stadium for the 1st quarter until someone made us move to our actual seats. My Monday morning chemistry test did not go well.
  16. I have an ongoing prank war with my grandma that started with her getting me coal for Christmas as a kid. 
  17. Dogs are my favorite pet.
  18. My summers growing up included a yearly lawn care business and occasional work as a farm-hand.
  19. Through my internship at Maryland I took a certification course in Functional Soft Tissue Therapy which is a hands-on way to help improve tissue/muscle restrictions and limitations.
  20. I wish my family lived somewhere warm because I absolutely hate cold weather.
  21. I loved reading as a kid. My favorites were the Series of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter.
  22. South Carolina, Florida, and California are other places I would like to live.
  23. I love pizza and enchiladas but will never again eat coleslaw.