Staff Spotlight – Tucker Herzberg

Position: Social Media Coordinator 

Joined Lead ‘Em Up September 2015

Tucker joins the Lead ‘Em Up team with a passion for working with and impacting young people.  Tucker is the Head Coach for Next Level Performance in Bethesda, MD and also does work for the Maryland men’s basketball team. Tucker has his undergrad from Southwest Minnesota State with a bachelor’s in Exercise Science. He recently completed a two-year internship with the Maryland basketball team’s assisting with their strength and conditioning, nutrition, recovery, and player monitoring.
Here’s 23-things about Tucker:
  1. Other than being social media coordinator for Lead ‘Em Up I am also the producer and SM coordinator for the Hardwood Hustle basketball podcast.
  2. I was born and raised in Iowa and have 1 older brother and 4 younger sisters.
  3. I went to 4 different schools growing up and played 4 sports year round my whole life.
  4. I moved to Maryland in May 2015 for a summer internship with the Maryland men’s and women’s basketball teams.
  5. My internship expanded and continued for 2 years, and I recently became the Head Coach for a performance facility in Bethesda (MD).
  6. Every summer until I moved to Maryland I ran a lawn care business and mowed 10-15 yards a week.
  7. I’ve become a huge Nationals fan since moving to the DMV and went to a bunch of games last summer including Game 5 of the NLDS.
  8. My second oldest sister and I have taken a summer trip the last couple years (Nashville, New Jersey beaches) and are making big plans for this summer.
  9. One of the best childhood memories I have are camping (real camping in a tent) on Friday nights with my family before my brother’s Saturday college football games.
  10. My niece recently turned 1 and only seeing her every couple months is the toughest part about living on the east coast (traffic is 2nd).
  11. Other than being a certified strength and conditioning specialist I also took an intense 25-hour certification in functional soft tissue transformation.
  12. Coffee always sounded terrible growing up, but now I drink it every day.
  13. I heard successful people read at least 1 book a month and have done that most months since I was in high school.
  14. My favorite board game is Scrabble. You will not beat me, ask my dad.
  15. The cities I want to see soon are Houston/Austin, LA, and Miami.
  16. I listen to everything – Drake, Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line
  17. During my internship I made between 20-40 nutritional shakes a day for the players.
  18. Other than the Hardwood Hustle my favorite podcasts are Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show, EntreLeadership, Bill Simmons, The Herd, and 48 Days.
  19. I eat peanut butter (‘natural’ of course) out of the jar almost every single day.
  20. To help pay for college I delivered pizzas, cleaned a church, reffed basketball games, and trained young athletes.
  21. My dad is my biggest inspiration. He also once snapped his dry-erase board after I missed free throws to win a basketball tournament and was once thrown out of my sister’s basketball tournament game.
  22. My grandma and I are in a pranking war that started when she got me coal for Christmas as a kid. I can’t wait until the next time I see her.
  23. My favorite shows include The Office, Prison Break, House of Cards, and Breaking Bad.