Staff Spotlight – Kyle Elmendorf

  • Position: Director of Business Development & Marketing
  • Joined Lead ‘Em Up March 2017
  • Kyle lives in St. Louis with his wife Angie and his two boys Brenner and Layton
  • Kyle joins the Lead ‘Em Up team with a passion for working with and impacting young people. Kyle is the varsity girls basketball coach at Orchard Farm High School where he’s also a full-time teacher. Kyle has his undergrad from Central Missouri with a bachelor’s in secondary education.  He went on to later earn his masters from Lindenwood University.
Here’s 23-things about Kyle:
  1. I’ve swam with whale sharks
  2. I love movies but don’t get to watch too many these days.
  3. My all time favorite movies are Rocky (all of them…I stop and watch every time it’s on) and Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  4. I hate mushrooms.
  5. I love chips, especially sour cream.
  6. I want to travel to New Zealand.
  7. Favorite vacation spot is the Riviera Maya.
  8. My wife and I once had an anniversary dinner in a cenote cave in Mexico. 
  9. I’ve had jobs as a lifeguard, professional relocation engineer (mover), and assembly line crew (putting together refrigerators you see in restaurants).
  10. The NBA is my favorite sport to watch. I’ve only been to one NBA game.
  11. Best sporting events I’ve attended were the two NFC Championship game wins by the St. Louis Rams.
  12. If I could have dinner with anyone in history it’d be John Wooden or Abraham Lincoln.
  13. Katy Perry is guilty pleasure music. I dig it.
  14. The first time I went scuba diving my mask was kicked off my face 40ft under entering a tunnel.
  15. I live in St. Louis and have never been to the top of the Arch.
  16. My favorite animal is the elephant. If you want a great (true story) book to read, check out Modoc.
  17. I hate snakes but held one at my son’s 5th birthday party. He wanted a reptile theme and we had a reptile guy at the house.
  18. Other than sports, the only television shows I watch are The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones. 
  19. I think the most overrated song of all time is “Brown Eyed Girl.”
  20. I have to have my feet wrapped or covered by blankets in order to sleep.
  21. I waited until I was 34 to get my first tattoo.
  22. I’ve never played a full round of golf.
  23. I won a trivia contest at our resort in Cozumel on a geography question over South America.