Staff Spotlight – Adam Bradley

Adam Bradley

Position: President and Founder 

After years of serving local high school teams with weekly leadership and character development sessions, Adam decided to share these powerful lessons with coaches across the world (Lead ‘Em Up has been used by coaches and teams in almost 40 states and 6 countries).
In addition to his continued work with teams in the Baltimore/Washington market, Adam also serves as a Director of Sales for The Supply Room Companies and co-host of the nationally recognized Hardwood Hustle podcast. Adam lives in Maryland with his wife Samantha and daughter Georgia.
Here’s 23-things about Adam:
  1. I bite my fingernails.
  2. I’m half Puerto-Rican. My Mom’s maiden name is Nieves and both her parents were born and raised in Puerto Rico.
  3. I’ve never been to Europe (but really want too).
  4. I once received 30-credits in a single college class through a Prior Learning Program at Maryland.
  5. The theme song at my wedding was “Hail to the Redskins”
  6. The other side of my professional life involves selling janitorial products; towels, toilet paper, trash bags, etc. It’s done pretty well for me.
  7. I coached two high school basketball teams for the CBA (Christian Basketball Association) for 5-years from 2003-2008.
  8. I’m still in a daily text chat with 7 of my best friends from high school.
  9. St. Marteen is my wife and I’s favorite vacation destination
  10. The largest crowd I’ve spoke in front of is 5000 people as the graduation speaker for WT Woodson High School this past year.
  11. I don’t watch movies. I’ve maybe seen one movie in the last 5-years (excluding Disney movies with Georgia).
  12. I’m officiating my first wedding in 2017 for my cousin Elisa and her soon to be husband Nick
  13. I’ve recorded over 600 podcast episodes.
  14. I worked two jobs in high school; Woodside Deli and Montgomery Country Club
  15. My charity golf event, the Bradley Open, raised almost $100K for various charities over the 10-years.
  16. I don’t drive the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. My wife drives it for us.
  17. I managed a Mexican Restaurant (Uncle Julios) throughout college.
  18. The most viewed blog I’ve ever written was when I paralled the life of RG3 with Abraham Lincoln. It created a 24-firestorm in DC sparked by RG3’s retweet and endorsement.
  19. I became a Christian on Easter of 2003.
  20. Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech, Thursday night November 4th 2010, front row 50-yd line at Lane Stadium was the best sporting event I’ve ever seen in person. 
  21. For the past 3-years I’ve led a team from my church cooking breakfast at 6AM on Saturday’s for high school football teams in Montgomery County
  22. I was very close to moving to Boston in 2010. I was offered a job and my wife and I spent a weekend in Boston looking at places to live. We ended up declining the offer.
  23. I put on a hat every time I get out of the shower for at least 10-15 minutes.



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