Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a team or school with the Lead ‘Em Up program.

For many teams and schools around you the need for leadership and character development is plentiful, unfortunately the resources oftentimes are few.

The Sponsor-A-Team program was created for multiple reasons.

1 – to connect businesses with local high schools and youth teams.  

2 – from the request of many teams who’ve expressed interest in utilizing the Lead ‘Em Up program but lacked the resources to obtain it. 

3 – from the request of many businesses who inquired and asked “can I gift a Lead ‘Em Up program to a local school?” 

4 – as an additional avenue to get the Lead ‘Em Up program into the hands of coaches equipping them to develop and IMPACT their players.  

So what is Lead ‘Em Up?

Lead ‘Em Up is a leadership and character curriculum provided to coaches to use with their players throughout the season.  The coach receives online access to all the Lead ‘Em Up training materials for use with their team. Our dynamic season long curriculum consists of a leadership performance assessment tool, a buddy program “The Six”, situational training exercises, engaging exercises from our partners at game on Nation and more.

Currently being used by hundreds of teams and featured at top camps & clinics across. 


What does a business receive for sponsoring a team or school?  See the details below:

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(Example: Custom-Branded Flyer 2)

To get started, fill-out this brief form and someone from the Lead ‘Em Up team will be in touch with you shortly.

Below is a PDF we encourage you to download and send to anyone who may be interested in sponsoring a team or school with a Lead ‘Em Up program.

If you have any additional questions and would like to contact someone directly, please email: [email protected]

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