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It feels like every social media piece for players I’ve read on the Internet is themed on what “not” to post and the consequences of posting inappropriately.

I’ve always thought those pieces are useful but not always helpful.

Knowing the things to avoid is a useful place to begin but knowing what players SHOULD post is going to get you where you want to go.

What if the conversation about social media shifted from “how to avoid trouble” and turned to “how to add value?”

What if your social media could serve as a platform to help you grow your team and increase your chances of getting recruited?

What if a coach went on your social media and went from “kind of’ wanting to recruit you” to “I‘m going all in to recruit this player.”

We often hear about coaches going onto players social media accounts and being turned away. What if they went on your social media account and got turned on to you because of what they’ve seen.

This is where our mind as a player needs to go… “how can I use my social media to my advantage?”

Here are some ways players can use their social media to their advantage:

  • Praise your teammates early and often.

Give your teammates love and spotlight them. Turn the focus off of you at times and turn it to the good work being done by your teammates. Tell others how Mike has a 4.0 and currently leads the team in GPA. Tell others how Shannon the most awesome teammate in the world. In addition to just being the “right thing to do” it also communicates that you’re a team player and it’ll grow your relationships with your teammates.

  • Show love to your family

Your family is there for you through thick and thin. Take time to spotlight your appreciation for what your family has done for you. Sports teams want to become a “family” so showcasing your love for your family communicates that you both appreciate family and you have an ability to develop a strong bond in your family. When you appreciate your family coaches can better visualize you fitting into their family. In addition, it’s just the “right thing to do”.

  • Showcase your other “grind”

So you’ve been putting up shots early in the gym? You’ve been running extra routes after practice? You were putting in extra work in the weight room? That’s totally fine to showcase those on social media occasion.   But remember, we’re trying to use our platform to our advantage and as good as those are, there’s another level you can go.

Showcase your other “grind.”   Post about the 5-hours in the library you’ve spent crushing your English term paper. Share about the community service project you woke up at 6AM on a Saturday to complete with your teammates.   Share about how you play your sports all week, do your schoolwork at night, work on Saturday and go to church on Sunday.

  • Develop a routine of thankfulness

If we slow down long enough to look around what we’ll see is there is so much to be thankful for… the health to play a game, teammates to do life with, coaches who want to develop you, fellow students who cheer for you, etc. the list could fill the pages of this blog.

Take a moment on occasion to reflect on those things to be thankful for and then share those with others on social media.   A healthy heart is able to express their thankfulness. Showcase the health of your heart by sharing with others things you are thankful for.

There are many healthy things you can post about on social media but as a starting point, focus on these four. Use your platform to add value to what you’re doing.

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