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After a year of planning and 6-months of hard work, our team is excited to roll-out the newly updated Lead ‘Em Up curriculum.

Whether you’ve been with us for the last 2-years or starting out with us for the first time, everyone will be starting with Season One of the new program.

We’ve added a ton of new content, enhanced the format, seamlessly connected the themes and made it easier for coaches to learn and implement with their teams.

You will now receive 8 50-minute sessions (compared to the previous 12 30-minute sessions).  Each session has a clean halftime break (optional) at the 25-minute mark if you’d like to split up the session into two days.  The addition of new content and exercises will create an impactful 50-minute session.

Start at Starting Point

Prior to starting any of the weekly sessions all teams will begin with the NEW Starting Point.  Starting Point consists of three things:

Setting the Table – we provide you the overview for you to properly “Set The Table” with your teams on what to expect and what’s to come)

Leadership Performance Assessment Tool – a dynamic leadership performance assessment tool you’ll put each of your players through at the beginning and end of the season.  The tool will allow your players to take themselves, as well as the team, through a leadership performance assessment.  The tool will provide you insights into your players mindset and perceptions of the team you haven’t witnessed prior.

The Six Program – As famously laid out in the military, the “I’ve got your six” term is referred to as the person who has your back.  A metaphor based on a clock; the 12 is ahead of you, the 3 & the 9 are on your sides but who’s your six?  Who has your back?

Our new Six Program will walk you through how to strategically connect your players to truly have one another’s back. The Six Program is a season-long exercise we’ve been experimenting with our pilot programs for 2-years and has been one of the most well received and impactful exercises we’ve introduced. The players we’ve put through The Six, have been the ones asking for it to be implemented full-time into the curriculum.

Experience game on Nation 


If you’ve been with us before then you know how dynamic the exercises from game on Nation are with your team.  If you’re new with us, game on Nation has made available to the high school and youth market through Lead ‘Em Up, their same interactive and engaging exercises they use with their professional teams and clients.

In the new season one, game on has rolled out and introduced some new, never been seen before exercises that your team will love.  In addition, we’ve enhanced some of the familiar classics in a new streamlined, easier to learn and teach format that’ll allow you to truly get the most of the games.

Grow through our Situational Training

A new anchor in the Lead ‘Em Up curriculum, Situational Training will help push your players to become the leaders you hope they’ll become.  Leadership within your players is best learned by doing and through our Situational Training exercises, they’ll be doing it.

Everyday our athletes are in situations where they have the opportunity to lead but it requires them to have the right mindset in the moment.  Whether it’s that situation in the locker room, in the weight room, in the hallways or on the bus ride; the opportunities to lead are endless.  We put those situations under the microscope and turn them into teachable moments for the players.

We simulate common situations your players face and give them the opportunity to lead through it.  These training exercises will challenge your players to stop and think through the situations they face on a daily basis.

Each situation is supported with our Evaluate-Teach-Improve coaches notes providing the coach everything they need to teach their players through situations.

The new curriculum also includes:

  • Enhanced session kickoff exercises
  • Impactful week-long reinforcement exercises
  • Exclusive graphics for your office, locker room and social media.

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