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Welcome to Lead ‘Em Up.

Below is a preview of a weekly Lead ‘Em Up session to help give you a better feel for our program. The preview is a general leadership overview unlike the rest of the curriculum which covers specific themes each week ranging from communication, rebounding from adversity, body language, choices, social media and many more.

Week one is just the start of a fun and impactful journey with your team.

Let’s get ready to Lead ‘Em Up


Coaches Huddle – Pregame Pep-talk:


Pregame – Coaching Notes:

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IMPORTANT - Please watch the game on SPOT video before teaching any games {click here}

Game Name: 1-2-3

game on 1-2-3 printable coaches guide

It’s Time To Win:

This is an exercise called Overlap!

Have each player list 3-leadership traits they feel they need to work on and improve.  Each player will need a pen and a sheet of paper (you can use your coaching intelligence to provide them the paper or have them do it the next day).

Once they list the 3-leadership traits they need to work on, have them approach 3-different teammates or coaches.  Make sure they approach teammates or coaches that “know” them.  Have them ask each of those 3-individuals to share one thing they think they could work on.

Now that they have three items they’ve listed and three items from their different peers have them review the list to see if there is any overlap of traits.   In most cases there will be overlap of the things they’ve listed and things their peers said.  Those traits specifically are a red flags to the player that they need to make a strong effort to work on developing in that area.

Encourage the players to “be vulnerable” and share with the team any traits that were overlapped and they need to work on.  Make note of the overlapped items and work to hold the player accountable to work on that area.


Lead ‘Em Up Social:

To help keep the momentum of the session going, feel free to use these social graphics and quotes on your coaches board, social media accounts and in the locker room.

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Coaches have fun and Lead 'Em Up

We encourage you to take your team through this 30-min session and hope your players are both engaged and impacted. We’ve seen firsthand Lead ‘Em Up change players lives and we look forward to helping you lead your team.

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