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Below is a free preview of a Lead ‘Em Up session. Each session is centered around a different theme; relationships is the theme for you in the preview.

In Lead ‘Em Up, we provide you the training materials and you use the tools to lead your team.

We hope you enjoy the exercises and can envision your team and players growing and benefiting from a season-long’s worth of content all centered around impacting your players and growing your team.

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Set The Table

The WHY your players need to know…

(1-2 minutes)

Me, We, You

(3-5 minutes)

The ME, WE, YOU exercise is designed to have two players stand up and share in front of the team something they’re proud of they’ve done (ME), the team has done (WE) and a teammate (YOU) has done the past week.

It’s designed to create a safe space allowing our players to lower their guard and build up their comfort zones with their teammates.

ME: Have them share the most intentional thing they’ve done to build a relationship with a teammate the last week.
WE: Have them share the “coolest” moment in the past week where they felt their team was coming together.
YOU: Have them shout-out a teammate they feel does incredible job connecting and building relationships and give one example.

– game on Exercise:

(18-22 minutes)
IMPORTANTPlease watch the game on SPOT video before teaching any games {click here}


You can choose to break up your 45-50 minute session into two halves or complete it as one standard length session.

Celebration Circles
Rollout..(2-3 minutes)

Celebrating each other is a great way to grow relationships.

Communicate to the team during the next 5-dates you’ll be together as a team (games, practice, team dinners, film session, etc.) you’ll be setting aside 90-seconds for everyone to get together in a celebration circle.

Celebration circles are when the team circles up in a tight circle (along the lines of a huddle) and rapid-fire celebrates each other for 90-seconds.  In the 90-seconds the team should be able to get through 6-8 celebrations.  Have each player call out a teammate by name and give an example to support their celebration.

Each celebration will have a slightly different theme.  Communicate to the team the 5-themes in advance so they can begin preparing for the upcoming celebration circles.

Celebration Themes:

1 – School/Grades (celebrate teammates who’s doing incredible in school & with their grades)

2 – Strength & Conditioning/Training (celebrate teammates who’s setting the tone for the team in strength & conditioning/training)

3 – Big-time plays (celebrate teammates who’s made big time plays recently)

4 – Leadership Acts (celebrate teammates who’ve been exhibiting strong leadership skills)

5 – Practice Champions (celebrate teammates who’ve been giving it all that they have in practice)

Additional resources
Relationship graphics…

To help build excitement and momentum around the session use these multi-purpose graphics on both social media and/or hang them around the locker room & coaches office.

Use the hashtag #LeadEmUp on social media.


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