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Thank you for your interest in our Lead ‘Em Up program.  We hope you’ll consider joining the hundreds of coaches all over the country utilizing the Lead ‘Em Up program to develop their players into better leaders, resulting in more wins for their program.

Lead ‘Em Up provides high school coaches a dynamic, easy-to-implement curriculum designed to equip coaches with the tools to teach their players the dynamics of leadership and character.

Once you sign-up you’ll receive a log-in with a username & password to access your Lead ‘Em Up account. Once you log-in, you’ll be guided to the 8-online portals as well as the resources in Starting Point. The online portals contain the curriculum and training materials to prepare you each week.

The program costs $349 for an individual sport or $1199 for an entire athletic program. You’ll have access to the training contents for 1-year after purchasing.

Once you’ve registered, we encourage you to assign a Leadership Coach to the staff. The Leadership Coach will be responsible for learning the weekly curriculum and then coaching the team. Here are the guidelines to help you select the perfect Leadership Coach – Learn More

The program is designed for the team to commit to 8-weekly, 50-minute sessions with your team. Note: each session has a clean Halftime Break if you’d like to break them up into smaller 25-minute sessions.  We encourage you to allow the program freedom to thrive.  If the players are having fun, interacting & learning, please go longer then the allotted time. In addition to the 50-minute sessions we provide you exercises to use with your team to carry the momentum though the rest of the week.

Here’s an overview of a session:


Once the session is complete, you need to continue challenging your players on the weekly exercises as well as reinforcing the message in the session.

We believe if you follow the four success essentials: Care, Commit, Coach & Challenge (you can learn more here) your players will develop, your team will grow and your program will thrive.