Leadership Q&A: Relationships

In our effort to bring coaches as much value as possible, throughout each month we will be collecting leadership questions from coaches based around our monthly theme. The month of May has been all about relationships, and we wanted to share our response to two great questions we got this month.

Start by following your players on social.  Be selective on your interaction, you’re not one of them, you’re the coach and they’re the player.  Avoid the temptation to comment on all that they post unless it could have harmful consequences, regardless if you “agree” they should be posting it.

Give them shout-outs and tag them.

Find something they’d be interested in and tag them in it. Then bring it up next time you see them in person

Bring them into an debate or discussion you’re having on social.  Keep it primarily focused on the fun debates (Recent Hardwood Hustle episodes like top-5 PG’s, College vs Pro, etc).

As it relates to extroverts and introverts success has no bias… it can and is achieved by both.  Leadership as well can be achieved by both.  Rather than focusing on perceived weaknesses in your personality fix your focus on these two aspects of coaching; Loving & equipping your players.

Are you loving your players and creating an environment where your players want to fight for you and fight for each other?  Focus on that!  Are you equipping them with all the right tools & strategies to be successful?  Focus on that.  And part of that equipping process you may find you need to equip them with a coach who’ll get in their face and is more the rah-rah type coach, that’s fine, bring one of those on staff.  You though, don’t need to be anything other than who you are.  Lead in your lane; whether that’s the loud type or a quiet type.


Looking ahead, our leadership theme for June is communication, and we’d love to hear your questions. Leave a comment or send us a tweet @Lead_Em_Up. Also, if you haven’t gotten on the waiting list for a FREE preview of our new curriculum that will be released early this summer, click here!