Leadership Coach Guidelines

In order to maximize the impact of Lead ‘Em Up it is essential you assign a Leadership Coach to lead your weekly program. The Leadership Coach can be anyone from the head coach, assistant coach, a parent and/or someone outside your team who you think would thrive in this role.

Every week the Leadership Coach needs to invest a minimum of 30-minutes learning and reviewing the weekly curriculum to prepare for the session with the team.

The Leadership Coach is such a critical component to the success of the program we want to give you some guidelines to help you pick the best Leadership Coach for your team.

Your Leadership Coach (5-Must’s)

  • Must possess and exhibit a high level of integrity and moral character throughout all aspects of their life.
  • Must be able to host each session with high energy and a contagious level of enthusiasm.
  • Must have a desire to help young people grow.
  • Must possess a relate-ability or commit to developing a relate-ability to better connect with their players.
  • Must commit to a minimum of an hour a week (30-mins reviewing material. 30-mins coaching the players) for the 12-week program. The more time spent on the program, the more effective it’ll be.

Leadership Coach Skills Requirements

  • Enthusiastic, Energetic & willing to Encourage others.
  • High level of communication and public speaking skills.
  • Great listener
  • Willingness to address difficult situations shall they arise.
  • Patience as they develop young players.

It is essential the Leadership Coach meets each of these requirements and that the rest of the Coaching staff holds this person accountable for maintaining a high level of performance throughout the season.

Best of luck. You’ll do great! We have your back.

We’re excited to hear how things go as you #LeadEmUp