Lead ‘Em Up to Host Leadership Sessions at Spalding Basketball IQ Camps

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Lead ‘Em Up to Host Leadership Sessions at 2017 Spalding Basketball IQ Camps in LA, Oakland, St. Louis, Denver & Winston Salem

Maryland (June 12th, 2017) – Lead ‘Em Up will be hosting leadership sessions at each of the 2017 Spalding Basketball IQ Camps this summer.  These single-day youth camps are hosted alongside their NBA player representatives Demar DeRozan (Los Angeles, CA), Damien Lilliard (Oakland, CA), Chris Paul (Winston Salem, CA), Chauncey Billups (Denver, CO) and Larry Hughes (St. Louis, MO) and provide youth campers skill work, NBA player instructions, team exercises and leadership development.

Each camp will include 60-minutes of leadership and character development from Lead ‘Em Up.


For more information regarding the upcoming Spalding Basketball IQ Camps, visit Spalding Basketball IQ


Lead ‘Em Up provides high school and youth coaches an engaging and dynamic curriculum designed to equip coaches with the tools to teach their players the dynamics of leadership and character.

The season-long Lead ‘Em Up curriculum includes a player assessment tools, illustrative stories, week-long player activities, situational training exercises and interactive games from our friends at game on Nation.

Our newly updated curriculum will be available late June.  To see a free preview later this month sign-up below: 


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