I won’t let myself go there…   Self-Control – Coaching Notes: Game Name: Overload game on Overload printable coaches guide It’s Time To Win: In addition to formulating a plan to attack difficult situations, the possibilities of you showing self-control improve if you can avoid the situation in the first place. One way to help[…]


Lets win like we’ve been there before   Humility – Coaching Notes: Game Name: StoryTime game on StoryTime printable coaches guide Jack and the Beanstalk Story It’s Time To Win: A prerequisite for improvement is humility. You can’t improve if you already think you’re the best and don’t need too. This week as you go[…]


Truth from a friend, is better then a kiss from an enemy   Honesty – Coaching Notes: Game Name: Who’s Got It game on Who’s Got It printable coaches guide It’s Time To Win: This week we will work to reinforce a safe, consequence-free environment where players can embrace their truth and speak honestly with[…]


Come on over… I got you   Approachable – Coaching Notes: Game Name: Double Play – Level Up game on Double Play – Level Up printable coaches guide It’s Time To Win: The Power of a Name Tag (coaches will need to get access to adhesive name badges) Most people have never thought about a[…]


It’s okay, lets get it next time   Grace – Coaching Notes: Game Name: Team Counts game on Team Counts printable coaches guide It’s Time To Win: At the beginning of your next 4-5 practices (feel free to continue it longer) bring your team together for 3 minutes and have as many volunteers as you[…]


We’re Family   Relationships – Coaching Notes: Game Name: Tag, You’re It game on Ad Exec printable coaches guide It’s Time To Win: This week we’re going to “Amplify The Embrace” As a team, we’re family which means our teammates should be our “brothers” and “sisters” but ironically we often greet our teammates as if[…]


You are better then you think you are   Confidence – Coaching Notes: Game Name: Hitchhicker game on Ad Exec printable coaches guide It’s Time To Win: Our players need to understand that competence breeds confidence. When we’re working on our craft, we’re simultaneously working on our confidence. They go hand-in-hand. We’re going to put[…]


I feel great about this   Optimism – Coaching Notes: Game Name: Ad Exec game on Ad Exec printable coaches guide It’s Time To Win: We won’t be able to fully change the mindset of our team in a 30-minute session. It needs continued reinforcement. Leaders think optimistically because they’ve developed the habit of thinking[…]


Volume II Lesson 2 – Every team has unique things associated to their program. This week will be the start of implementing a new habit with the team. What is one thing you (or your players) have been hoping to implement and incorporate in your program?


Volume II Lesson 1 – Distractions can kill our dream and it’s often said you can’t serve both your purpose and your distractions. Great leaders recognize the harmful consequences distractions can have on our ability to remain focused on what we need to focus on.