Becoming a Self Aware Leader

For leaders to bring out the best in those they are surrounded by, they first need to strive to be the best version of themselves. Being the best version of you begins with with understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Great leaders take full advantage of and capitalize on their strengths, and figure out a game-plan to improve their weaknesses. Creating a game plan to become more self aware can look something like this:


If you struggle to understand your strengths and weaknesses, begin by assessing yourself in areas of leadership. Focus in on areas such as relationships, communication, enthusiasm, and confidence. Next, ask three to five people you are closest with you to do the same for you. You must preface their assessment by telling them you need 100% honesty from them, which may include them giving you tough feedback. For balance in perspective, consider asking your spouse, head or assistant coach, a teacher you work closely with, and even a team captain you have a great relationship with.

Even though it may not be a ‘fun’ or easy process,  go into this assessment with a great attitude. You are about to be given some of the most important information you could possibly have. Very few people are willing to ask for the truth, but by seeking this information out from your peers, you are setting yourself apart from the pack in your commitment to leadership development.


Now that you have a great understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to plan. Here is your chance to strategize like a coach who loves their Xs and Os.

First, take complete advantage of your strengths. Whether that’s being very vocal and leading the team with great energy or using your ability to develop deep relationships with many people,  but be sure to use your natural leadership tendencies at all times.

Intentional strategy is critical to your leadership when it comes to improving your weaknesses and less natural tendencies.  For key areas of leadership like communication and relationships, figure out a way to improve these because of their importance. Make these more of a priority, ask your fellow coaches or teammates to hold you accountable in these areas, and continually re-evaluate your personal development in this key areas of leadership .

As a coach, encourage your assistants who have different strengths to take a bigger role in those areas. As a player, lead in your lane and support teammates to take other leadership roles that fit their personalities.

No leader can be expected to be perfect in all areas, great leaders learn to delegate in the areas they are not strongest in


Remember, like all things, self-awareness is only effective when it’s followed by action! You won’t naturally become more self-aware, so begin taking purposeful action. We hope what is outlined above will help you continue your journey to becoming a more self-aware leader.


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